Blizzard’s Hearthstone recently got a new set of daily quests. It was a different experience from the old “Win X Games as Y Class” and honestly, that’s fine in my book. Sometimes RNG is going to be against you and you’ll have to play thirty games to win five times because you just don’t have the cards to win against other people.

With the current setup I can make a deck just for the quest. Something like “Play X Pirates” or “Play X cards from Y class” is much easier build a specific deck for, and you don’t even have to win the match to complete the quest.

It still doesn’t feel good losing those matches, but at least the quests are easier. It means the gold is easier to get in a given day; it’s that much faster to just be done with the quest instead of waiting for things to swing your way.


Two or three years ago, I bought Don’t Starve. I didn’t play it much at the time, maybe a week or two mixed in with a couple other games. (I was more involved with Borderlands 2 and its DLCs at the time, since I had friends I could actively play that with, and they weren’t interested in Don’t Starve.)

Mostly I remember not being very good at it, but it seemed fun enough. During that time, I died to a specific version of a thing called a Set Piece. Those are randomized pre-set things, either little bonus items or, more often, traps.

This one was a large walled-in area which looked perfect for a beginner’s base, and it had a sort of hallway entrance. There was also a chest at the entrance. This seemed pretty good, and I looked in the chest. It exploded into flames, and took the wooden walls with it. Also me, because it took a second to explode, and I’d been putting my things in the chest just before it blew. I was already hurt from a fight with something or other (I had yet to learn how to kite most things in the game) and I burned to death.

About a month ago, I started playing Don’t Starve again, and I found that same set piece. I remembered the exploding chest, so I left a few stacks of things well away from the walls and chest and went inside to grab the fur inside, which was only interesting because I hadn’t found any Beefalo yet. I then planned to hammer down the walls for the wood, when night fell. I noticed I didn’t have a torch, and I’d accidentally left all my grass and twigs outside, instead of half of each like I thought I had.

The darkness got me, and so I died again to the same trap, in a different and particularly stupid way since I knew to always carry a light source or ways to make some.